Who We Serve

ElsaIt doesn’t matter what language you speak or what industry you’re in, the demand for mobile, live interpretation is growing. That’s where ELSA™ steps in. ELSA™ answers the need for on-demand, real-time interpretation in diverse environments and markets to improve outcomes, enhance customer services, and streamline efficiencies.

Hospitals, Pharmacies & Healthcare Organizations

Providing language services at initial contact improves outcomes while enhancing adherence to discharge and prescription orders.

  • Increase patient access and satisfaction
  • Improve medical outcomes by decreasing the potential for misdiagnosis of LEP patients through clear and accurate communication
  • Reduce patient frustration and costs of unnecessary tests & time

Mobile Interpretation DeviceLaw Enforcement & First Responders

Fast response times and accurate information saves lives.

  • Respond immediately & assess situations accurately
  • Improve community relations
  • Protect the public and yourself
  • Reduce misdiagnosis & increase efficiency
  • Improve patient and legal outcomes

Multi-ethnic businesspeople applauding at meetingLocal & Federal Government

Due to Executive Order 13166, government agencies are required to provide LEP persons with meaningful access.

  • Compliance with Title VI, Executive Order 13166 and HIPPA
  • Improve efficiencies with immediate access—no appointments needed
  • Serve LEP population anytime, anywhere
  • Save money – no minimums
  • Reduce paperwork

Language Tranlation ServicesInsurance & Financial Companies

Improved efficiency and customer relations, while increasing your bottom line.

Claims Adjusters

  • Improve claims investigations
  • Reduce processing times
  • Increase accuracy and avoid legal questions
  • Provide quick response to customer questions
  • Access recorded conversations for reporting

Financial Services

  • Improve relationships with LEP customers
  • Differentiate yourself from competition
  • Increase offerings designed specifically for diverse cultures
  • Provide education on products and services

Checkin-Mobile-InterpreterHospitality & Entertainment Industries

Bridge the communication gap with international travelers and guests.

  • Overcome the communication barrier
  • Allow clients to better express their needs and requests
  • Encourage return visits due to better communication and culturally-inclusive service offerings