USTIN, Minn. – Mower County is turning to technology for help interpreting foreign languages. The county attorney’s office purchased an ELSA™ interpreting unit about a year ago, and the county recently purchased two more. It allows staff in departments like human services, the jail and the sheriff’s office to electronically access an interpreter for more than

Minnesota’s Mower county recently purchased two more ELSA™ interpreting units, which allow staff to access an interpreter electronically. The county now has a unit for Correctional Services, a second for the Sheriff’s Office and the jail, and a third for Health and Human Services. Read the full story HERE at

A new white paper authored by Izabel E.T. de V. Souza, former president and executive director of the International Medical Interpreters Association, and Louis F. Provenzano, Jr., Co-Founder of Certified Medical Interpreters, LLC, investigates how a rapidly growing patient population of foreign-language speakers poses significant risks to healthcare providers. This white paper, titled The Perfect

In DeKalb County schools, teachers who need to speak with parents who don’t understand English well are getting a little help from technology. The district bought 200 translation devices that can translate up to 180 languages. Since signing up for the service, teachers are noticing that more parents are showing up to school meetings and parent-teacher