ELSA has been adopted by the city of Hastings, Nebraska. Lauren Scharf of Nebraska.tv had this to say: “Breaking barriers and helping rescue crews do their jobs, Hastings, Nebraska, has bought a interpretation/translation system for the city. The device looks like a walkie-talkie, but the person on the other end can understand and interpret most

ELSA is being used in DeKalb schools in Georgia to allow communication that was not possible before. To view video of the story, visit the WSB-TV website HERE.

“Language barriers will soon be diminished for Collierville Police in Tennessee. The department will launch a technology called Enabling Language Services Anywhere that accesses live translators. ELSA uses a wireless network to make translators in 180 languages and dialects available to officers. These translators can interact with both the officer and the client at any

Alpharetta, GA. June 30, 2015 – RTT Mobile Interpretation (RTT) and Any Lab Test Now are excited to announce the launch of a strategic partnership to solve language barriers between lab personnel and their customers. The collaboration between these two companies yields powerful resources and cost-saving benefits for both consumers and businesses alike. The Affordable