Stop by and visit our booth at the upcoming NCLR Annual Conference, July 11 – 14, 2015. Held this year in Kansas City, Missouri, the NCLR Annual Conference is the largest and most important gathering of the nation’s most influential individuals, organizations, institutions, and companies working with the Hispanic community. It consists of four days of the most

In DeKalb County schools, teachers who need to speak with parents who don’t understand English well are getting a little help from technology. The district bought 200 translation devices that can translate up to 180 languages. Since signing up for the service, teachers are noticing that more parents are showing up to school meetings and parent-teacher

RTT Mobile Board Member Jeffery Munks has written a very informative article for the Spring issue of The Journal of School Safety. The article, entitled One School, 100 Languages: Bridging the Language Barrier Is a Must for Safety & Success, addresses why schools and school districts should have Language Access Plans in place, as well as

Memphis and Shelby County, Tennessee, paramedics recently purchased four ELSA™ devices to connect their first-responders with interpreters at the touch of a button. Watch the CBS 3 news segment here, or click here for the online coverage from